Do you ever feel numb
It’s that feeling when your whole world
Seems to fall apart right in front of you
And there’s nothing you can do about it

It’s that feeling when you’re all choked up
And the words just won’t seem to come out
The tears are stuck, and they strangle you
And all you feel is sole numbness

It’s that feeling when you’re indecisive
Do you not care anymore?
Or are you just really tired?
Or is this just a phase that will pass?

It’s that feeling when you’re exhausted
And you wish to close your eyes and make all the pain go away.

Darkness Consumes Me

Left alone to wallow 
In my perpetual state of misery
Darkness consumes my sanity
My reasoning overshadowed by pain

Unbearable, excruciating pain
All I can do is release
Release the torment that takes its almighty hold 
Rage that blinds my faith, hope and belief

Tears that waterfall
Cleansing my inner core

Life’s poisons enter my mind scape
Leaving me an emotional and vulnerable mess

My pain may dissipate

But my smile will never return

Chaotic Mind: Dealing With Adult Separation Anxiety Disorder

Mind filled with chaos. Scared alone and full of dread. I feel like my life is falling apart. No one understands the mental mess that I have to cope with.

When I’m away from her I feel like my heart has been ripped out. The depression and loneliness is so profound the air is so thick I can’t breathe. I can’t focus, I can’t function, my whole life comes to a halt.

Racing heart racing mind I feel like I’m going insane..

Separation Anxiety is a very serious mental condition that not many people understand. It’s not just missing the person you love it goes far beyond that. It’s an imbalance in your brain that takes time to straighten out there is no cure.

The Tomb Of The Unknown Soldier Facts

1. How many steps does the guard take during his

walk across the tomb of the Unknowns and why?

21 steps. It alludes to the twenty-one gun salute, which is the

highest honor given any military or foreign dignitary.

2. How long does he hesitate after his about face to begin

hisreturn walk and why?

21 seconds for the same reason as answer number 1

3. Why are his gloves wet?

His gloves are moistened to prevent his losing his grip on the rifle.

4. Does he carry his rifle on the same shoulder all the time and if not, why not?

He carries the rifle on the shoulder away from the tomb.

After his march across the path, he executes an about face

and moves the rifle to the outside shoulder.

5. How often are the guards changed?

Guards are changed every thirty minutes, twenty-four hours a day, 365 days a year.

6. What are the physical traits of the guard limited to?

For a person to apply for guard duty at the tomb, he must be between 5′ 10′ and 6′ 2′ tall and his waist size cannot exceed 30.’ Other requirements of the Guard:

They must commit 2 years of life to guard the tomb, live in a barracks under the tomb, and cannot drink any alcohol on or off duty for the rest of their lives.

They cannot swear in public for the rest of their lives and cannot disgrace the uniform {fighting} or the tomb in any way. After two years, the guard is given a wreath pin that is worn on their lapel signifying they served as guard of the tomb. There are only 400 presently worn.

The guard must obey these rules for the rest of their lives or give up the wreath pin.

The shoes are specially made with very thick soles to keep the heat and cold from their feet. There are metal heel plates that extend to the top of the shoe in order to make the loud click as they come to a halt.

There are no wrinkles, folds or lint on the uniform.

Guards dress for duty in front of a full-length mirror.

The first six months of duty a guard cannot talk to anyone, nor watch TV.

All off duty time is spent studying the 175 notable people laid to rest in Arlington National Cemetery. A guard must memorize who they are and where they are interred.

Among the notables are: President Taft, Joe E. Lewis {the boxer} and Medal of Honor winner Audie Murphy, {the most decorated soldier of WWII} of Hollywood fame.

Every guard spends five hours a day getting his uniforms ready for guard duty.


In 2003 as Hurricane Isabelle was approaching Washington , DC , our US Senate/House took 2 days off with anticipation of the storm. On the ABC evening news, it was reported that because of the dangers from the hurricane, the military members assigned the duty of guarding the

Tomb of the Unknown Soldier were given permission to suspend the assignment.

They respectfully declined the offer, ‘No way, Sir!’ Soaked to the skin, marching in the pelting rain of a tropical storm, they said that guarding the Tomb was not just an assignment, it was the highest honor that can

be afforded to a serviceperson.

The tomb has been patrolled continuously, 24/7, since 1930.

God Bless and Keep Them

I don’t usually suggest that many emails be forwarded, but I’d be very proud if this one reached as many people as possible.

We can be very proud of our young men and women in the service no matter where they serve.

Duty – Honor – Country

The Cry Of Wolves

Rulers of the night, the wilderness is your home,

Man in his ignorance won’t leave you alone,

Strong together you hunt for survival,

Man and his gun your only rival.

Mistress of the moon, shadows dancing on Northern skies,

I hear your torment and mournful cries,

Running, hunting, surviving, dying,

From frozen mountain tops I hear your crying.

Great warriors of the night,

I wish you strength and stamina,

Courage in your plight.

You are the heart of the wilderness,

Cool air and mountain snow,

You are part of this land but man is your foe.

So once again the dark night becomes black,

And howling is heard as wolves gather and pack,

With spirit and fight, stamina and charm,

Let no man destroy you, you mean them no harm.

Brave warriors of the night,

In the wilderness be,

Wise and cunning hunters,

Forever be free.

Let your howling join the earth,

May you hunt with no fear,

Let the mountains echo out,

The howl of wolves that fills the mountain air.

If I Could Change My Life

If I could hit a restart button and change my life I would. I would create a new heart so I could live a healthy normal life. I would change my childhood to be one I would never wanna forget instead of praying every day the nightmares stop. I would take better care of my body so a stroke wouldn’t take my voice or cancer almost take my life. The one thing I would change the most is to meet my love sooner so she would know what true love is longer. Those are the things I would change about my life.

Wait For The Sun

When everything’s darkness
And you feel so alone,
When the rain doesn’t stop
And you can’t make it home,
When it feels all is lost
And you just want to run,
It can’t rain forever.
Just wait for the sun.

When family is pain,
When friends can’t be found,
When you just want to scream
But you can’t find the sound,
When it’s all your fault,
And you feel like you’re done,
Just wait for the sun.
The sunshine will come.

The storm always passes.
It won’t last forever.
The rain always stops and gives way to good weather.
The brightest and warmest of days still to come.
Please wait for the sun.
The sunshine will come.

People who need you, 
People who still love you
Can warm up your soul like the sunshine above you.
You’re never alone,
No matter what’s done.
Wait for the sun.
Just wait for the sun.

Dark clouds always pass.
I promise you, hun.
We’re all waiting with you.
Just wait for the sun.

The Missing Man’s Table – Never Forgotten

Each item on the Missing Man Table represents the emotions and feelings reserved for those who did not come home. The ceremony symbolizes that they are with us, here in spirit. All Americans should never forget the brave men and women who answered our nation’s call to serve and fought for our freedom with honor.

The symbolism of the Missing Man Table:The table is round, to show our everlasting concern for our missing men.
The cloth is white, symbolizing the purity of their motives when answering the call to serve.
The single red rose; displayed in a vase, reminds us of the lives of these Americans and their loved ones and friends who keep the faith while seeking answers.
The red ribbon symbolizes our continued determination to account for our missing.
A slice of lemon reminds us of their bitter fate; captured and missing in a foreign land.
A pinch of salt symbolizes the tears of our missing and their families who long for answers after decades of uncertainty.
The lighted candle reflects our hope for their return, alive or dead.
The Bible represents the strength gained through faith to sustain us and those lost from our country, founded as one nation under God.
The glass is inverted, symbolizing their inability to share a toast.
The chair is empty, the seat that remains unclaimed at the table.

If You See My Mom In Heaven

If you see my mom in heaven,
She won’t be hard to find.
She’s God’s masterpiece of 
She’s unique and one of a kind.

She’ll be the one with the prettiest 
Her angel wings she wears with pride,
And as she reaches out to greet you,
You’ll see the twinkle in her eyes.

She’ll be digging in God’s flower beds,
Gathering flowers as she goes.
She’ll pick a single flower bouquet:
The beauty of God’s pink rose.

She’ll be playing with the smallest angels,
Singing joyful games upon her knee,
Or maybe writing words of wisdom,
Or reciting a poem or three.

She’s with her mom and dad now,
Embracing them lovingly or
Visiting with her long-lost friends,
Chatting so happily.

She’ll be God’s strongest angel.
No more burdens will she bear.
She’ll stroll about with strength and grace,
Kneeling with God in prayer.

So if you see my mom in heaven,
Will you take care of her for me?
Place a kiss upon her cheek,
And hug her just for me.

You see, she was my special mom,
The truest friend she was to me.
She taught me all about our God
And the love he had for me.

She’s my royal queen of mothers.
She’ll wear her very own crown.
She’ll sit and share God’s golden
Throne in God’s beautiful 
Heavenly home.

The Majesty Of Woman

She will be my Greatest Masterpiece,

A lovely work of art!

And only the blue sky above,

Will match the vastness of her heart.

She will have a voice that’s so serene,

It can float like a sweet melody.

She will use it to give comfort,

And create a calming peace

The plushness of her body,

Will provide a welcome place.

Where others can feel comfort,

Lost within her safe embrace.

Her eyes will show her depth of love,

And her smile her gentle soul.

She will have a worldly wisdom,

That can guide and help console.

Her strength and grit will be enduring,

For all those who are in need.

And her ability to take control,

Will be a prodigious sight to see.

She will possess an inner genius,

To create order from a mess.

And keep moving forward with a vengeance,

Despite the obstacles or stress.

I will give to her a wondrous gift,

A warm and fruitful womb.

Where My miracles can manifest,

Where new life can start and bloom.

She will be capable of anything,

Her accomplishments will be acclaimed.

And her desire to make her mark on earth,

Will be fierce and unrestrained.

But oh how tender she will be, 

And so willing to succumb.

To reveal her vulnerability, 

And share her heart with anyone.

She’ll be a protector and a nurturer,

A teacher, nurse and friend.

She will have a sense of loyalty,

That keeps her fighting to the end.

What a gem she’ll be to all those men,

So lost inside themselves.

So full of pride and self-evolved,

They see no one but themselves.

But she will help them realize,

That beneath their gruff veneer.

They can feel and love exquisitely,

And are not immune to hurt or fear.

God felt perhaps his work was done,

And thought it time to let her go.

He looked at her with so much hope,

He already loved her so!!

And in that final moment,

He was filled with such elation,

“Yes”, he said, “I think perhaps The Woman”

May be the best of My creations.

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